Парфёнов Денис>

Denis Parfyonov (Denys Parfonov)

Born in Lviv (Ukraine) at 15th of May 1983.
After 20 years building dance career in Kyiv (Ukraine), in 2022 moved to Wilmington (Delaware, USA)

Professional ballroom dancer with partner (and wife) Tania Sopit.
International competitor, Ukrainian professional ballroom and showdance champion.
Dance instructor in BlueBallRoom Dance Studio.
International adjudicator.
Since 2002, special trainer of youth and adults to perform and compete.

Author and translator of international media.
Co-author of the book "Service in Leadership: What is Your Agenda?” (available in Russian and English).
Book reviews and training articles on Amberibis.com

Founder of the Ballroom Library which includes books and videos

Your Elegance: co-founder with Tania Sopit, designing custom dancewear embracing the heart of champions, instructors, coaches, adjudicators and youth, exploring options to fit your personal budget and interests

Webmaster of sites and online programs. List of projects